Feature Comparison Table

Full feature list of cut.lu by account types

cut.lu Individual Corporate Enterprise
Price Free Free
Number of links 100 500 No Limits
Short Link details
Editable Target URLs
Short Link QR code
Short Link advanced details
Branded (Custom) Domain
Custom short links (e.g. http://abc.xyz/sometext)
Short link groups
Password protected private links
Custom splash pages (Interject ads during the redirect)
Location analytics
Data Export
No ads.
Target URL Health Monitoring
Multi Target URLs. (Device specific)
Multi Target URLs. (Geo location specific)
Multi Target URLs. (Ratio specific)
API access


This Feature is NOT inclued with this account type
This Feature is inclued with this account type
This Feature is NOT AVAILABLE YET with this account type. Planning to release in the future.
Please ask about this feature
Mind the details about this feature